Some Key Dates

432St Patrick comes to Ireland
570Birth of St. Mochua (There are 58 Irish saints recorded with the name Mochua)
657Death of St. Mochua at Timahoe (some records show his death as 630 in Clondalkin)
1604St. Mochua credited with the foundation of the church at Kildrought (Celbridge), in what is now the Tea Lane Churchyard
1783Trough from St. Mochua’s well erected in Celbridge (near the Mill)
1813Church erected at request of Lady Louisa Connolly on the site of present-day Christchurch
1829Straffan was joined to Celbridge parish.
1883Christchurch built on site of 1813 church, only the original tower retained
1830Straffan Church built (by the Barton Family)
1964Newcastle-Lyons (St. Finian’s) parish joined with Celbridge & Straffan